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We put together a lyrical video to go with 'Who I Have Become'. This is the 4th track off of the most recent album 'A Monument To Time'. If you still havn't heard the whole album, make sure you go check it out on Spotify, GooglePlay, Apple Music or any of the other online stores we have it in! Let us know what you think!

When The Smoke Has Cleared (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Some of you may have noticed we released a new song and video this weekend. As excited as we are about getting new music out for everyone to enjoy, we wanted to make sure this song was presented in the right light. 'When the Smoke Has Cleared' started off over a year ago when we first heard about the terrible attack that took place at a concert in Paris. Since that time the song began to take on a broader representation of all attacks that took place around the world.

On June 3rd we went into the studio to record the final vocal tracks for the piece. Not long into our session, news broke of the attacks that took place that night in London which left 7 dead, including a Canadian, and dozens more injured. We decided that, instead of waiting for the rest of our album to be complete, we wanted to get this piece out to you and for all those that have been affected. Our voice may be small, but the message is worth conveying.

A big thanks to Alanna for putting together some artwork for us in a short period of time. We hope you all enjoy our new song and its video. We'll see you all soon with a new album.

If we fail to fear, fear cannot win.

RJ Bayley Rock Show Interview

On Sunday March 19th we sat down with RJ Bayley on the RJ Bayley Rock Show to talk about the newly released EP Anybody Out There? We also shared a few hints about the upcoming album which is planned to be released this summer. So if you missed the show make sure you check out the video below to get all the details as well as hear the EP in full.

Anybody Out There? EP Interview

Here is an interview we did for From The Depths Entertainment about the release of the new EP Anybody Out There? Take a listen to a few of our thoughts on it and let us know what you think! Stay tuned to hear more about the new album that's on its way!

The Castle FM Show

3 hours of epic rock music from all over the world! Each band that is played is represented by our label From the Depths Entertainment. These guys represent some awesome bands who play some fantastic music. Take a listen to the show and let us know what you think! We kick the show off, too, with "An Inexhaustible Voice" followed by "Fallen Angels" so enjoy the show!

Anybody Out There? EP

Prior to the release of our new album we thought we would release some songs for you all to listen to so make sure you take a listen to the Anybody Out There? EP. Let us know what you think!

Track List

1. Anybody Out There?

2. Save Me

3. Drugged Inside (Radio Edit)

4. Tasting All The Pain


We decided to release our entire "Levels" album so that everyone can finally hear it. Let us know what you think!

Track List

1. An Inexhaustible Voice

2. Fallen Angels

3. Into The Void

4. Frozen In Stone

5. Noble Tragedy

6. A Curse Called Hope

7. Not Alone Tonight

8. Unsung Hero

9. Lost In Space

10. Immortal

11. Levels

Lost In Space

Here is the music video for the song Lost In Space which is from the Levels album.